26 Nov 2007

Can I use a compact digital camera for landscape photography?

Michael Groom came up to Scotland from London for a day's tuition last week. He was determined to use his little Sony compact camera as he had no intentions of carrying a lot of kit around with him. Is it possible to get great landscape and seascape pictures with such simple kit? he asked.
Yes it is. In fact, my last exhibition was a series of landscape and people pictures taken entirely on my little Canon Ixus. Below is a short video of Michael at work - braving the elements on the Galloway coast. Take a look at the final shot (it's also shown here on the left) taken on a compact camera. I know that that image can be printed 20"x16" quite comfortably. Notice the beautiful light and that the timing has caught the waves just as they splash the rocks.
Remember - you must keep the ISO down to the slowest possible speed for the best quality. You must have a sound understanding of light, and your timing has to be spot on to capture waves like this.
I'll give you a few tips on how to do that very soon if you wish.

Meanwhile, I would be interested to know what you need most help with and what you would like to hear about.
Philip Dunn

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Colin Gray said...

Hi Philip,

The blog looks pretty good, I like the blogger styles.

The articles are nice too, just the right length and detail for me.

Had a look at all my photos from yesterday and, while more of them are just very grey due to the light, there's a few gems in there. Thanks again for the tution!

I've put a link to your site on mine at http://www.dubdown.com/fun.php . If you want to put a return link on your own that would be great. Just link to http://www.dubdown.com.