30 Nov 2007

How to remove Exif tags

How do you remove the Exif tag information from your images?
There's now a brilliant piece of software that does the job in seconds - and it's free. Although you are asked to donate something, which seems pretty fair.
Go to www.rlvision.com and download their Exif Tag Remover.
It is very easy to use. Just open it up and you will be asked to browse for the images you want to clear of tags.
You will be asked if you want to overwrite the existing file of save it as a new file.
Check the boxes for the type of info you want to remove... Exif, Adobe/IPTC, comments, or all other applications tags.
Click Next and the job's done.
It works.


Anonymous said...

There is good online tool

remove exif online :)

Philip Dunn said...

Thanks for that - all information welcome.