19 Apr 2008

FTP for photo blog

Well, we've tried hard to get my blog hosted on my Photoactive website, but, for now, we have had to admit defeat and revert to the way things were. The problem we are convinced from reading the posts on blogger forums lies squarely with Blogger's poor FTP facility.
If anyone with knowledge of hosting a blog on their own website is reading this, I'd appreciate your comments.
We will keep trying and I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for your patience,
Philip Dun


Anonymous said...

It's not an areas I really know much about but I did come accross this guide for integrating blogger.com with your own web page: http://personalweb.about.com/od/easyblogsandwebpages/ss/bloggeronsite.htm


Philip Dunn said...

Thank you Alwyn,
We did everything suggested in this video. The problem, we are convinced, lies with Blogger itself. There are numerous posts on the Blogger forum regarding Blogger's 'flakey' FTP facility.
We are now looking at the possibilities of using a program such as WordPress

Mountain Bikes Apart said...

Hi Philip, wordpress is the blog I use and it's generally thought of as the best platform if you're hosting the site yourself. It's a bit different from blogger but real easy to use once you're used to it.

Plus, wordpress has an auto-import function for blogger posts so you can easily move everything over!

A quick search brought up a few guides to the process online.