27 Apr 2008

Photographing water - and music

The short YouTube video below shows Nicola and Catriona, two photographers who came to me a short time ago for a day's tuition. You'll maybe have seen the waterfall before on another video of mine, but I make no excuses for that, it's a fabulous location for photography.

What the video does not show is the terrible fright Catriona - who was heavily pregnant at the time - gave be when she lost her balance and quite literally sat down in the water while she was photographing the waterfall. I saw it all happen and, forgetting all those many years of experience at the sharp end of press photography, dropped the camera and ran to help her onto her feet again. Catriona had a very wet backside, but was laughing at her predicament. I don't ever remember being so frightened. Catriona, being a doctor, must have seen the signs of shock on my face because she was very quick to reassure me she was unhurt, although a bit soggy. I'm delighted to say that all ended well, and last January Catriona gave birth to a healthy baby girl.

The great music on this short DVD is by my good friend Doug Carroll, one of Britain's most talented guitar players. This very morning I got Doug's recording of the music he and keyboard player Owen Fielding have composed and played for my latest instructional DVD, which is in the final stages of editing. Doug's music is fantastic, and worth buying the DVD for by itself. But you'll find that out for yourself when the DVD is out later this year. It will be about portraiture in natural light.

Of course I'll keep you informed about all that nearer the time.

If you'd like to know more about Doug and Mary Carroll's music, click here to go to their website


fotodayz said...

These videos are very nicely done.

The photography market seems to be a bit saturated at the moment with the heavy breathing Iwannabethenextcornish/waite/insertownphotographerhere!

So these do make a refreshing change. :)

Philip Dunn said...

That's really good of you to say so, thank you.
Yes, I'm pretty fed up with all that rubbish, too.