13 Oct 2008

Compact camera settings

I mentioned last week that from time to time I would post a few tips about using compact cameras.  I'm often asked just how I set up my own compact cameras, so here is a list of just how my little Canon Ixus 960IS is configured right now.

Please bear in mind that these settings suit me. They may not suit you. I know the camera well and I find it no problem to change things quickly when I need to - that is one of the keys to good camera craft... KNOW YOUR CAMERA!!! I cannot stress too much just how important this is.

Running down the Menu in the M (Manual) mode, my list goes like this...

AF Frame - Centre
AF Frame size - Normal
Digital Zoom - Off
Slow Synchro  - Off
Red Eye - Off
Auto ISO Shift - Off
AF assist Bean - Off
Review - 2 secs
Review Info - Off
Auto Category - On
Display Overlay - Off
IS Mode - Shoot only

Sound - Mute
Touch Icons - 0n
LCD Brightness - medium
File Numbering - continuous
Auto Rotate - Off
Lens retract - 1 minute

In the FUNCTION SET menu I set things up mostly like this...
M - Manual
Exposure Compensation -1/3 ( I find Canon cameras almost always over expose a bit.)
AWB ( although I regularly change this)
My Colours - Off
Centre Weighted exposure Mode
S - Superfine quality]
L - Large file 4000 x 3000 pixels.

So there you go... you will see that I turn off a lot of auto functions that are mostly unnecessary.
Give it a go 


Ian said...

Hi Philip

Thanks for the blog piece on compact camera settings. I followed your advice and got an Ixus 970 IS from Amazon - it arrived yesterday. So I'm just about to start sorting the settings as per your blog and will see how I get on.

Perfick timing!
Thanks, Ian

Philip Dunn said...

Thanks for that Ian. I do not think you will be disappointed provided you are prepared to work within the limitations of a small compact camera. The trick is knowing where those limitations are.
Let me know how you get on.