6 Oct 2008

Light and wine in Menorca

I have two very different pictures to show you this time from the group on the Menorca photography holiday. I was particularly delighted to see Ian Smith’s photograph (below) taken at the trotting races because of the way he has captured the wonderful backlight. This was Ian’s second time with me to Menorca and I have seen a tremendous advance in the way he is capturing the world around him on this trip. He is now constantly aware of the light direction and quality and always trying to improve his framing and composition. His efforts are really paying off. Just look at the way he has caught the light shining through those translucent cart wheels. The contrast of this brightness with the dark shadows under the trees has really brought drama and power to the picture.

In complete contrast, Phil Hallam took the top photograph in pretty flat light conditions when we visited the Binifadet bodega. The old lorry was parked outside the bodega and the blues and purples have helped make a very eye-catching image. I love the simplicity of this shot, which conjures up all sorts of impressions of the Mediterranean life-style despite the lack of sun light.

Pictures by Phil Hallam and Ian Smith

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