9 Mar 2008

Comment of Canon G9

Blogger was having problems yesterday and this message from Lifespy seemed to get caught up in it. It appears on some pages, but not on others. So I have posted it here.

The answer to Lifespy is that no, I haven't tried this technique, but I will. I normally pre-focus by half pressing the shutter button in order to speed things up. By the way, his blog is definitely worth looking at and I will place a permanent link to it asap.
Thanks Lifespy.

Hi Philip,
Have you tried using the canon g9 in "snap shooting" mode using hyperfocal distance settings and then saving them to C1 or C2 (like using a rangefinder in street photography). I would be interested in your comments on this. I dd an article on it with how to set it up here: http://lifespy.wordpress.com/2008/02/12/setting-up-snap-shooting-mode-on-the-g9/
I'll be back to read more and I have add you to my blog roll :)

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