6 Mar 2008

Using Light Zone software

Again regarding yesterday's post, another former student, John Hamshaw, sent me the following email...

Hi Philip

Used Light Zone - took 2 minutes


Best wishes

John took the time and trouble to work on Peter Frisby's photograph in this Light Zone software to lighten the dark areas. I have posted the final results below. I have to say I can certainly see a difference, but the downside is some serious posterising - especially of the clouds in the sky. Maybe this is because the file John used was so small, but it doesn't look too good.

Thanks for going to so much trouble John.

I've looked at the Light Zone website briefly. It looks interesting. You may have to kill the sound on your computer is you can't cope with the irritating sound of shutter clicks. So far, I think I might stick with that dodging tool in Photoshop. Take a look for yourself by comparing the two results.

I'd be interested in any further comments about this software.

Photography by Peter Frisby

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Anonymous said...

Hi Philip
I must admit I did this one quickly. Have a look at one of Light Zone's tutorials which deals with a similar picture in more detail

Please niote the before and after images at the end
Best wishes John Hamshaw