6 Mar 2008

Photography tuition

I'm 'almost' embarrassed to post this, but I'll get over it somehow. This was from Peter Frisby, whose picture I posted yesterday. Come on, I'm allowed a plug every now and again...

Philip and Noreen,

First and foremost many thanks for the 2 days. I looked forward to coming and was not disappointed. Secondly I think I have failed miserably to post a comment on the Blog. I have tried but my IT skills or lack of them have let me down.

I tried to send a comment along the following lines so please feel free to post it:

" Philip, Thank you for a super couple of days. Philip has an infectious zest for photography and indeed life. For those of out there who are hovering go and have a 121 with Philip. You won't regret it.

Philip, I am just off down the pub (wth the Ixus for a couple of pints of Banks's)"

All the bestPeter

Thank you Peter. I'm delighted to hear you will now be joining us for the Photography Holiday in Menorca.

Some while ago I wrote something about posting comments that might help others if they are finding commenting a problem...

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