31 May 2008

How to see more photographs - video

Here is a very short video which I have produced as a bit of an experiment. If there is a positive response to this lively way of getting across information, I will maybe do some more. But we'll see how things go for now.

The idea is to show you what and how I am seeing things from behind the camera and how I think pictures through from the time I spot their potential to the time I press the button. So bear in mind that to do this, the movie camera is on the move and not stationery on a tripod - you are seeing what I am seeing. The aim is to help you see more photographs everywhere.

Of course this could have great potential for the way I post on the blog. Let's see.

Just click the arrow in the middle of the frame below to see this 3 minute clip.


John Lawrence said...


Short of actually working with a photographer on location, I think that this is the best way to learn.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in this: many of my friends watch Youtube videos of photographers on shoots to see how they work, why they change things and how they interact with people, models etc.

Thus, from my point of view, the more videos on your blog the better!



Philip Dunn said...

Thank you John,
Just the sort of response I had hoped for. I think this idea has tremendous potential.

Anonymous said...

I can only agree with what John Lawrence has said.

This technigue would give us a unique insight into the thought processes that you go through when thinking through and exploring what first caught you eye...

Alwyn - South West Scotland

Cathy said...

I agree with Alwyn, it's good to have your running commentary as you think through the photographic possibilities of the scene in front of you. Seeing just a final product, even with a critique of how that image works and why, is great and a valuable way to learn, as your blog shows - but seeing what leads up to a photo adds another dimension.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Being able to understand the thought processes in this way is a really good idea. Although normally a (daily) lurker, I felt I had to comment positively on this idea...


Anonymous said...

Like Anthony, I've been checking back to your blog every so often for months now and have always found it informative and inspiring.The video tutorial adds another element and makes the likelihood of continuing to return and the potential of coming to yourself for tution in the future all the more likely. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and best regards,


VE said...
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VE said...

Once again I find something that isn't usually explained in photo books/sites.

Regarding the video, I agree with John, Cathy and all.
And nice to meet you :-)

Anonymous said...

Great idea, Philip. I hope to see many more. Looking forward to the next DVD too!


Lynn Fisher said...

Philip I think this is a great idea. It just goes to show that a good image can be made out of almost anything! It was really good to see it from a professional's viewpoint and to learn the way you hunt for a good image. Thankyou and I hope you will put up many more.

Philip Dunn said...

Thanks for the comment Lynn - I hope you find my DVD about light and composition equally helpful when it arives - it is in the post today.

I will certainly be putting more short videos together in the future - but please be a little patient for the time being. We have all sorts of plans to make the blog even more useful and lively.