3 May 2008

Photographing reflections

I just thought I'd share this simple photograph with you. It was taken a long time ago on the island of Cyprus. I really cannot explain exactly why it's one of my favourites, but it is. Perhaps it's something to do with the perfect symmetry of the priest's pose as he sits outside his room in a monastery. It can't be anything to do with the old boy's jolly conversation - he was a miserable old cove. As soon as he saw me pointing the camera in his direction, he stood up, gestured to me to go away as if he was brushing away a fly, and disappeared indoors.

I was trying to get a slightly better angle to show off the reflections in his dark glasses. I thought the visual contradiction of these reflections and his traditional black dress made an interesting contrast. I suppose these days it might be said he looked a real 'cool dude'. And so he was - very cool.
The reflections in his specs were made by the sun striking the white wall of the building behind me and and bouncing back onto the subject's. This reflected light is, of course, also lighting his features with lovely soft light.

I have done a little work in Photoshop's levels in order to lighten the detail inside the dark room, but nothing else has been changed.

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