8 May 2008

A photograph for the ladies

I keep rattling on about how pleasant and relaxed it is to photograph people here in Menorca. In all the years I have been coming here and whenever I bring my groups of photographers for the photography holidays, there has never been a problem.

Maybe the ultimate in the laid-back attitude was demonstrated the other day when we were taking pictures on a beach and one of the ladies in my group - she shall remain nameless here - spotted the gentleman above. The lady in question told me at the start of the holiday that her favourite subject was photographing flowers, but as a people photographer she seems to have hidden talents. I particularly like the way she was completely unphazed by the fact that the young man baring his bottom had spotted her before she took the picture.

I've said it before but I will say it again... when your subject spots you taking a photograph - press the button again. It is often the response of the subject to being photographed that can make a good photograph.

Oh, it's worth mentioning that none of the blokes on the holiday thought it worthwhile pointing their cameras at this particular subject.

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