8 Feb 2008

Canon G9 vignetting - answers

Yesterday I posted a question on photo.net regarding the post about vignetting when using attachment lenses on the Canon G9. Having only had the camera a short time and not yet having used it a great deal, I felt unqualified to answer fully, however, I did express the view that ‘inexpensive’ lenses might be at the root of the problem. It turns out that this might not be the case, but that the camera needs setting up properly.

The link below should take you to the forum page where several members responded. However, you may have to join the group to gain access. I can recommend that you do. This forum is huge and very useful.


Denise D from San Francisco pointed out that even with the Canon wide angle and tele adaptors can produce vignetting unless you go to the settings menu and the into the ‘converter’ option. There are two options – one for tele and one for wide angle. You must select the correct option.

In fact there are three options, the other one is 'none' for normal shooting.
So, I hope this helps our anonymous friend who posted the original question, and my sincere thanks to those who responded on Photo.net

The pictures show the menu of the G9 and the two options for the Converter.
Hope this helps.

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