2 Feb 2008

Reducing camera shake - simply

Now you can laugh it this is you like, but the embedded video below demonstrates a method of keeping your camera steady - by using a piece of string. I have used this method for many years - and I promise you it can work. The video shows quite a refined version. I just make a loop at one end through which I put my foot, and the other end I simply wrap around the camera a couple of times. The idea of using the tripod screw at on the camera's base is a good one.

The truth is, this really can work - not in all circumstances, I admit, but it costs nothing, weighs nothing and you can stuff it into your pocket. If you lose it, you simply find another piece of string.
Thanks to Jon for this

$1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera - Lose The Tripod - video powered by Metacafe

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