13 Feb 2008

Photographing older people - part 2

Six good reason for photographing older people

Older people are usually more willing to give their time.
They have faces full of character.
They are normally a lot more interesting to talk to
They have fewer inhibitions.
They can sit still.
You will not have to ask their parents’ permission.

This old lady came out of a church and looked at me with a degree of suspicion (lower photograph). If this happens to you, don’t let it put you off pressing the button – take the picture. The hint of the man in the black hat in the background has added a slightly mysterious atmosphere to the picture.

Once I had this old lady in my sights, and when she had got used to the fact that I was around, I decided to try for a close-up showing her lace mantilla. I was fortunate that she was talking to another lady who was wearing a turquoise dress, and this has reflected in my subjects spectacles and added just a touch of interesting colour.

Bottom photograph
I took lots of photographs of this old chap from the other side of the street as he was taking his evening stroll. I liked his slightly stooped, pre-occupied look, but when I saw the turquoise door ahead of him, a moved quickly ahead and waited for him to walk into the picture. This is one of the basics of good street photography not matter what the age of your subject, and I have spoken before about how important it is to be aware of what is around you and anticipate what might happen.


Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the woman. It reminds me a lot of my Grandmother. She used to wear one of these head scarves all the time. I have one of hers that I treasure so much. I am so happy I came upon your site today and I am even happier that you dared to take this beautiful picture. May I ask where you took this picture?

Philip Dunn said...

Hello there,
Pleased to hear you have found and enjoy the blog. These photographs of the old lady were taken in Madeira in 2007.