2 Feb 2008

Photography forums and links

JP has posted the following comment. He says...

"I have learned an amazing amount from the Photo.net forum, a site I stumbled upon, literally, late one night. That forum is how I learned of the photoactive blog. Thank you very much Philip, I really enjoy it! And I'm excited to dive in to talkphotography.jp"

My reply is...

Thanks JP, I'm delighted to hear you are finding my blog interesting. Comments like yours help make it worthwhile.

Some of those forums out there are bursting with information and help. I wonder why people bother with expensive paper magazines any more. While you are doing your 'stumbling', I would ask you to spread the word about THIS blog, which will only florish if the number of visitors continues to increase - so please spread the word, leave links and use the feed. That's how the system will work and the blog will grow. Thanks Jon, this bit edited!!!!

Oh, and I can recommend http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/photoactive_photographers
A small group started by some of my former students. They are serious about two things - taking better photographs and getting more fun from their photography.
Thanks again.


Jon said...

Hi Philip,
Great blog. As a (fairly) young photographer, it's great to learn from your vast experience.
Just thought i should let you know that requesting people click on Google ads is against Google's terms of service and can result in them cancelling your account. May be worth editing that bit out!
Keep up the good blogging!

fotodayz said...

This blog is a great resource and you've been a link on my blog for some time now so I'm doing my bit!