7 Feb 2008

Canon G9 vignetting

Canon G9 - shutter lag

I have a comment to one of my posts about the Canon G9 that is a bit disturbing…

“I have a G9 and I just got an inexpensive wide angle/macro lens and adapter. I’m not experienced with this type of camera yet but is it normal to see the outer edges of the lens adapter when camera is in widest angle position? Is it normal to have to zoom in to get past that?”

Well, without actually seeing the kit for myself, I doubt you can blame Canon for this one. I think the answer to your problem might lie in that word ‘inexpensive’. Sounds to me as though your inexpensive lens and adapter is not completely compatible with the camera (can it be a proper Canon one?). I can not imagine any situation when it would be normal. The problem you describe is called vignetting and with compatible lenses, mounts and lens hoods, this should not happen.

Please bear in mind that I am NOT an expert on the G9 and I own only the basic camera and no accessories – I’m still trying to find the time to get out there and use it. So far I still remain unimpressed – but we’ll see what happens when I put I to work.

Maybe there’s someone out there with more knowledge about this situation with the G9.