16 Feb 2008

Photography weekend now fully booked

The Photography Weekend at the Cally Palace Hotel, March 7-9th is now fully booked. I will not be able to change the Photoactive website for a little while so thought it best to let everyone know through the blog.

Meanwhile, never missing a chance to publish a a photograph or two, I've posted a couple more pictures taken on that little outing with the Canon G9 yesterday. I was in the old city of Chester a wonderful place to be taking photographs.

I loved the old chair, and confess that when I spotted it I did move it to a positition in front of that lovely distressed wood. What a great background. Remember, the world is your studio - so never be afraid to move things around a little if you think it's going to make a better picture - as a travel photographer I often did exactly that. No one will mind if you put things back where you found them.

The other photograph was taken in Chester Cathedral. Dead simple, nothing clever, I was just attracted to the colours hitting the wall from the light coming through one of the stained glass windows.

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Cathy said...

Hi Philip

Wish I'd known you were in Chester, would have been a chance to meet up! Perhaps you'll share some more of your photos? Cathy.