19 Dec 2007

Photographing children 2

Here’s another of my old pictures of children in the street. It was taken well before the politically correct industry took control and poisoned so many minds: a time when photographers could take pictures of ordinary people in the street without being accused of every offence under the sun.

This picture was taken in the late 1960s when I was photographing what today would be described as slums. Well, these houses may not have been immaculate, but the people who lived in them at least had a strong sense of community. Their children had the freedom to play outside in the street and no one got the vapours when a photographer took pictures of them. And guess what? I dare say these kids grew up into perfectly balanced human beings.

Anyway, the shot was taken on a Pentax with a 55mm lens. I have mentioned before the importance of a photographer keeping the camera to the eye when photographing people. This was precisely the case here. The little boy was hiding his face and just turned for a glance at me. Another of those fleeting moments.

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