3 Dec 2007

How to photograph night events. Part 3

This final shot was taken well after dark - when all the light had gone from the sky. Of course that needed a very slow shutter speed - 1/2sec. This meant I had to wait for a moment when the marching bands were actually standing still before pressing the shutter button.

The event ended with a fireworks display, and, of course I photographed that. The problem was that this display happened way over to my right - in another part of the sky. As my client wanted photographs that would promote the town in brochures and posters, this called for a little artistic license. I simply put the images together on the computer by using the layers and mask layer facility. In fact there are three pictures layered together here. One for each firework, and one for the street scene. I very carefully used the polygon lasso tool to select an area around the castle so that the images of the fireworks would appear to be in the sky some distance behind.

If you do this sort of composite picture of a public event, I feel it is important that you tell that client exactly what you have done.

The original shot of the street - without fireworks - is shown here on the right.

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