28 Dec 2007

Photography forums

I've recently joined a couple of photography forums - and I'm seriously impressed by the way the members are so willing to share their knowledge... and the depth of some of that knowledge. I can highly recommend http://www.talkphotography.co.uk/ to anyone with an interest in photography.
It's all about sharing information - far better value than paper magazines.... it's free!
I had a bit of fun by asking the members what was the first thing they photographed with the camera they got for Christmas.
Answers and still coming in, but so far they range from...
The inside of the lens cap, the floor (by accidentally pressed the shutter button), and ducks.


altamiranyc said...

You know what's funny? Today I was thinking to myself how I need to find some forums, or other bloggers (photographers...not necessarily fashion) to interact with. Thanks for sharing the link.

Philip Dunn said...

Thanks for the comment - and all the others...
Glad to help. Like I said, I have joined this group only recently, but find the friendliness of the members, and the sheer amount of knowledge they share, to be absolutely fantastic.

JP said...

I have learned an amazing amount from the Photo.net forum, a site I stumbled upon, literally, late one night. That forum is how I learned of the photoactive blog. Thank you very much Philip, I really enjoy it! And I'm excited to dive in to talkphotography.