17 Dec 2007

Using backlight

This picture was taken for The Sunday Times and demonstrates a couple of sound techniques that can help you create powerful images. Firstly, never be afraid to ask someone to help you by posing them or moving them into the correct position. Secondly, Don’t be afraid of using very strong backlight.

The pictures was taken at the famous Avebury Ring. It was very early on the morning and I had already taken lots of photographs of the deserted stones before this chap turned up. Newspapers prefer pictures with people in them, so I just asked him to stand beside the largest of the stones and shot straight into the sun. The inclusion of the figure has given the stones a sense of scale and has helped inject interest.

You will notice that in order to cut down on some of the glare from the sun, I have partially hidden it behind the stone. Very careful positioning is needed to do this. Hide the sun too much and the effect is lost. Include too much sun and the whole picture can flare out.

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