19 Dec 2007

Photographing fog Part 2

I almost forgot that a couple of days ago I posted the first part of a piece about taking pictures in fog. I promised part two, so here it is. Last time I said that one of the problems of getting the correct exposure when photographing in fog was that all that reflected light can fool your metering system into under-exposure, creating dull, lifeless images.

Well that’s not always the case, and this picture is an example of a situation when arriving at a correct exposure is very simple indeed. You’ll see that there is a good distribution of tones in this shot. The bridge itself is very dark. There are dark shadows beneath it. These shadows are balanced with lots of white – even the street lamps a glowing. The result is that if you take a general or average exposure of this scene then you will not go far wrong.

I mostly use the centre-weighted exposure mode. I simply took my exposure reading from an area around the centre of the composition and used that.

Come on – photography does not have to be complicated. Just think of all the extra pictures you can capture if you keep things simple.