9 Dec 2007

Rubbish tip children, Cairo

Now that I’ve had a little rant about an entire generation of childhood going unphotographed because of stupidity, it seems a good moment to show you some pictures of children who really do need some attention.

I was commisioned some time ago to photograph the ‘zebeline’ children, who scratch an existence out of the rubbish tips of Cairo. Not only do children as young as four of five pick among the filth and rubbish, but whole families live and work quite literally IN the rubbish.
The conditions in which these people live are quite beyond belief. Yet no parents came rushing up to say I should not be photographing their children. I was met with nothing but courtesy. I was never threatened, I never felt threatened. I hope my pictures went some small way to bringing their plight to the eyes of the world.


tom said...

Is it O.K if i use these pictures in my English Essay... Thanks

Philip Dunn said...

Who are you Tom? and what is the essay? This blog is very little used now as I have updated my website. Please go to http://www.photoactive.co.uk/contact and let me have your email address