18 Dec 2007

More about exif tags

I've had a query about the exif tags I mentioned in a previous post. I gave you a link to some software for removing these tags. It is always wrong to assume everyone knows what you are talking about, and I am at fault here for not explaining more thoroughly what exif is about.

I am NOT a technical dweeb, so you must also forgive my simplified explanations...

Exif is the abbreviation of 'Exchangeable image file format'. Exif tags are used mostly to encode additional information about an image created on a digital camera. The exif information is all that stuff about which camera took the picture, what exposure was used and the time and date when the picture was taken. There are lots of times when you might not want a client to know all this information, so it is useful to be able to remove it. That's why I told you about the software.
If you really do want to know more about exif tags, try this website. It is excellent, but technical...

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