10 Jan 2008

Comments and links

Visitors to this blog are increasing daily - and that is really good to see. You are welcome... and so are your comments and emails, so please keep them coming. If you have any questions about any of the posts, please ask through the blog comments so that I can share the answers with everyone.

The search engines have just started to take notice, so it is time I started building reciprocal links to other, appropriate sites. If you would like to share links, please let me know. I am happy to share - if you do the same for me. I will check out all sites before placing links.

Keep snappin'

1 comment:

Digicat said...

I have really enjoyed browsing through your blogs.

I like the common sense clear explanations and it's a philosophy I'm trying to follow in the field.

I will definately be linking to you :)