1 Jan 2008

People photography - tip

Happy New Year everyone. May you all have a healthy, peaceful and happy one. My plan this year is to build the blog into a major resource, so do keep dropping by to see what’s here. I have been encouraged by the tremendous feedback I have been getting – many of these messages come to me as individual emails. They are greatly appreciated and all comments are very welcome. Please keep them coming.

Last night I received this from Andrew Parrott, who endured one of my talks when I went along to the Ayr Photographic Society some weeks ago…
“Dear Philip, Just to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your Light and Composition DVD that I bought when you spoke at the Ayr Photographic Society. I found your talk very inspirational and now that I have watched your DVD I am trying out the various hints and tips you suggest. I am seeing the light in a different perspective and thinking about layers for the first time, it really does work! I really like your approach to photography where you aim to keep things as simple as possible. I don't know if you receive much feedback but I for one am very grateful. I am also following your daily "tutorials" on your Photoactive Blog and find these bite size chunks of really useful information! Anyway, best wishes for 2008. I look forward to your next DVD! Regards, Andrew”
Thank you Andrew. For as long as I can remember, it has been my mission to take the myth and elitism out of photography. Photography is for everyone – it’s not the fancy gear makes good pictures – it’s the photographer. With just a little coaching and guidance, almost anyone can take good photographs.

I post my photograph above for no other reason than I find it amusing and it reminds me that summer is only a few months away.
When you see a subject like this, first press the button – get something in the bag. Then move in as close as you can and snap away. Gather pictures. The couple did open their eyes and spotted me, I just smiled broadly and kept on taking pictures.

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