21 Jan 2008

Travel photography

It is part and parcel of the travel photographer’s job to come up with different pictures of well known places. Of course he, or she, must photograph the obvious – it is a foolish photographer who is sent at considerable expense to the other side of the world to photograph the Taj Mahal and who comes back without the standard shot of the Taj looking along the row of fountains. It is very likely that you will be asked for these standard shots at some stage. But then you simply MUST look beyond the obvious. When I stood on the walls of the Taj I realised that just across the river was timeless India – people were still ploughing the fields using oxen – that’s where I wanted to be, over there looking back at the Taj.

The result of my trip across the river was a set of photographs that still sell many years later and the joy of meeting people who rarely came in contact with tourists – despite the fact they were just a few hundred yards away across the River Jumna. The picture was taken for The Sunday Times

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Herbert Wong said...

This is a great photo with the Taj just lurking inconspicuously in the background. I like it.
Also like your blog- informative.