31 Jan 2008

More on the Canon G9

I've come across an interesting review of the Canon G9 today. You may remember I've just bought one of these little cameras and my initial response was not favourable. Firstly, I thought I detected a noticeable shutter lag, and secondly I found the optical viewfinder all but useless.
Well, a chap called Nick Devlin has been comparing it to his Leica M8.
Strangely enough, Nick found that - guess what? There's a shutter lag and the optical viewfinder is all pretty useless. Otherwise, it's a great little camera.
I'm looking forward to finding out by using it for myself.
Anyway, go take a look what Nick says...

Also, my good friend and former student, Alwyn, wrote an interesting comment about the Canon G9. He, too, offered a link to a practical review...

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