15 Jan 2008

Wedding photography

I have said before that I am not designed for wedding photography - and I do say that to my students that when they ask me give them some instruction on the subject. However, the basics of good photography are the same no matter what you are photographing.

Craig Dempster came to me before taking on a wedding - quite a responsibility. He had done a couple of weddings before for friends, but this was a big assignment and he was very aware of his responsibilites.

He had a new DLSR and was getting just a bit lost. I'm delighted to say that I was able to put him of the right track and he has sent me a link to a short slide show which I'd like to share with you. I am really very impressed. I don't much care for the strong, hard toplighting of a few of the shots of the bride and groom, but otherwise I think he has done a really good job, imaginative and lively - and the bride and groom were over the moon with the results.

This is what Craig wrote to me...

Hi Philip
I was generally quite pleased with the [wedding] day. Still some issues with sharpness but the training you gave me on the group shots really paid off. I put the camera on a tripod and managed to get well balanced, sharp shots with very slow shutter speeds with the flash and soak up some of the background. I was so glad I came down to you for a day! I spent the most part of the wedding day walking around with the monopod!

I was also quite pleased with some of the first dance shot were I put the speedlight on a speaker and fired it remotely which created a nice silhouette effect in Kerry's vail.

Anyway thanks again. Your help and advice was invaluable.

You can see the show
http://www.imagehindsight.co.uk/kerry&howard (excuse the music but they asked for it - Their first dance!)

Best regards

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