6 Jan 2008

Photography Holidays

When I’m running the photography weekends and holidays here in Scotland and in Menorca, I don’t normally get much chance to take my own photographs. My priority is always to make sure that the photographers in the group are getting the pictures and the tuition they need. I do not carry an SLR while I am working with my students, just a small Canon Ixus so that I can demonstrate composition and the way I see things.

Still, I do take photographs at every opportunity, and I thought I’d just post a few that I took on the trip to Menorca in September last year. I love the colours of Menorca – they can be so rich and deep. Of course the sun gets to work on these colours and bleaches them into the most wonderful hues and tones. That ochre coloured wall with the street lamp and signs captures my attention every time I walk down that particular street. I must have photographed it a dozen times.

The door handle and that cracked green paint was found on an derelict military vehicle at one of the locations we visit regularly with the groups. This place is an old military barracks. It’s always a favourite and never fails to produce the most fantastic images.

The still life of the tomato and the water flask was a very quick shot taken while the group was photographing Pedro – I’ll show you some portraits of Pedro very soon. He has a wonderful face and loves being photographed by our group.
The picture of the horse was taken in a few spare moments while my group were practising their panning skills at the horse trotting races. I walked around to the stables and noticed the riders entering the stadium up this ramp past all the upturned trotting carts. I just waited a few moments until a rider came past in the right position. I posted some pictures of these races some weeks ago.

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