4 Jan 2008

Photography tuition and feedback

Once again, thanks for all your feedback. Most of this comes to me directly. Your emails are very welcome. Of course, I'd also very much like you to make your comments right here on the blog, so that everyone can share. Perhaps you are all a bit shy, but please don't be. If you have any questions - ask away. I'd do what I can to help.

Your emails and comments are really very heartening. This morning, John of Detroit commented:

"I'm also blown away by how generous you are with your knowledge. Thanks again, and I look forward to more posts!"

Thank you John. It is a pleasure to share. The plan is to build this blog into a major resource for keen photographers of all levels, no matter what sort of gear you use. But I need your help to achieve that. If you like what you have been seeing, please bookmark the blog. Tell your friends, spread the word. Report the blog to Stumble and to Delicious. Above all, please place a link to the blog - I'll be happy to reciprocate if you contact me. It all helps to build the traffic.

You will notice that I now have GoogleAds on the pages. I hope that in some small way this will offset the costs, so please do click the ads and explore what they have to offer.

For some time now, I have been considering the idea of arranging some 'distance learning' sessions over the internet. Only yesterday I had an enquiry about that from someone keen to learn more about how to sell his photographs. I know many of you would love to make the big step from amateur to pro. I will try to get something together on the subject for the blog in the near future. Has anyone got any suggestions about how a 'distance learning' set-up might work?

Keep coming, keep learning, keep enjoying - and please keep contacting me with your comments.
If you are wondering about the photograph at the top, it's there because I don't like posting without showing at least one photograph. I like it because the lovely chap was from collecting for The Salvation Army. Still wearing his bicycle clips, he has chosen a pitch outside the window of a ladies' underwear and corset shop. It makes some people smile.

Part 3 of The Quality of Light is posted below.


GlenF said...

Phil, for distance learning weekly/fortnightly assignments that put tutorials to practical use are essential. A dedicated group on a photo hosting site like flickr would be useful. Students should have the opportunity to learn from each other as well as getting guidance consistent with their level.

Philip Dunn said...

Thank you Glen, and thanks for your personal email. I will reply to that more fully.
The idea of weekly/fortnightly 'assignments' is an excellent one.
Your ideas are noted and greatly appreciated.