28 Jan 2008

Photography weekend in Scotland

We’ve just said farewell to another group of photographers who have been with us for the weekend here in SW Scotland. I think I can safely say that the weekend was a success. We all had a lot of fun, in fact my sides are still aching from all the laughter. Norene and I really enjoy doing these photography weekends, and we always seem to make a whole bunch of new friends. That’s me with the daft hat and red jacket with some of the photographers.

Hundreds of photographs were taken over the last couple of days, and an awful lot of them were done for the first time using the Manual (M) mode. I do like to help and encourage my students to understand and use the M mode, but I always stress that they should not be a slave to it – it’s the photograph that matters, not how the camera captured it.

I get very little time to take photographs when I am coaching others, especially a group, so I didn’t get much chance to try out my new Canon G9. My first impressions are not very favourable – do I detect a considerable shutter lag? I’ll let you know more about this very soon when I have had chance to give the camera a thorough test when I am out taking photographs. Meanwhile if anyone has any experience of this little camera, please do post a comment and let me know what you think. I am already doubtful.

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backlitcoyote said...

It takes about about a third of a second to half a second after pressing the shutter before the G9 takes a photo, depending on how you're shooting (RAW vs JPEG, manual vs autofocus, etc). The optical viewfinder is also disappointing (only covers about two thirds of the frame).

Despite these limitations, I'm very pleased with my G9. My 20D is a better camera in almost every way, but the G9 is great for when I would not want to carry anything larger. And the image quality is excellent.